Fujikura’s legendary Speeder Shafts were played by the former #1 golfer to win her second golf tournament of the season. This weekend’s victory elevates the Fujikura Golf Win Count to 26 for this golf season.

Vista, Calif. – May 16, 2016 – Fujikura Golf, known for designing and producing the world’s best performance golf shafts, proudly announces its international golf presence continues to grow as their JLPGA wins continue to accumulate.
Fujikura Golf confirmed with golf equipment reporting agency the Darrell Survey, that the JLPGA Hoken No Maguchi Ladies Champion played a Fujikura Speeder 569 Evolution II Golf Shaft in her Callaway Big Bertha 3-wood and Callaway Big Bertha 5-wood. She also played the widely popular MCH graphite golf shafts in both of her Callaway Big Bertha Hybrids.
“Fujikura extends its congratulations to this world class golf professional for winning this imposing JLPGA event. We also want to thank her for playing and supporting the Fujikura Speeder Golf Brand Series,” commented Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves.
The Speeder Evolution II played by the JLPGA Hoken No Maguchi Ladies Champion is the ultimate in high performance design as it utilizes Fujikura’s proprietary Metal Composite Technology which balances the center of gravity location of each shaft. It also features a thinner wall profile to provide increased control and movement through all phases of the swing.
Fujikura Golf’s Speeder Series has been a worldwide favorite on many tours. Its legendary performance characteristics have been developed by enso®- Fujikura’s proprietary fitting and testing technology. This state of the art technology allowed Fujikura’s engineers to enhance the Speeder series with advanced materials in the key areas of the golf shaft that contribute most to the club head and ball flight performance.