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Fujikura prides itself on being the leader of design and development of the world’s best performance golf shafts. But we don’t stop there. Our mission at Fujikura is to not only produce the best equipment for all golfers, but to provide golfers and club fitters with the latest information on our technologies and efforts of driving innovation forward. Click on any of the sections below to learn more about our processes, technologies and products.

Introduction to Fujikura Composite Shafts

Fujikura began its production of graphite golf shafts in 1974. Since that time, there have…

Shaft Design & enso® Analytics

Developing the world’s best performing golf shafts starts with understanding what golfers need. This initial…

Materials Used in Graphite Shafts

Once our three fundamental questions and performance attributes have been outlined, we then strategically select…

How Shafts are Manufactured

After selecting the materials that best compliment the shaft’s design, we move to selecting or…


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