The newest in a long line of Speeders, the Speeder Evolution V, is now available. The V is developed with the most advanced technologies in the graphite shaft industry. Building on the performance, engineering and material integrations of the EVO II, EVO III, and EVO IV, the EVO V brings a higher launch profile to the prestigious family.

We sent the Speeder Evolution V to some of our trusted equipment review partners to put it through the ringer and see what they thought. We sent shafts to and to review. Some highlights from their reviews abotu this impressive new Speeder shaft can be found below.

As the highest-launching member of the Speeder Evolution family, you might guess that the Evo V would feel the most lively.  You would be correct.  The Speeder Evolution V has a smooth, active release in the downswing.  It feels like all your energy is being poured into the ball, making it a joy to swing.

Read Matt’s full review here.

Typically when I hear a shaft is built to be high launch, I expect it to be high spin, and therefore to have a softer and looser feel.  I’ll start by saying, I think that feel is good for the right player, but if you have a more aggressive tempo or faster swing speed, that can often be a bad combination.  (Think of the wet noodle comparison.)  Not the case with the Fujikura Speeder Evolution V.  The Evo V had a lot of the positive feel characteristics of the previous Speeder Evolution shafts.

Read Bill’s full review here.


For a full list of specs and technical information, please visit our product information page here. The Evo 5 i now available at our Charter Dealers nationwide for you to try. Contact your local dealer today to schedule a fitting.