New for 2017, the ATMOS Tour Spec line is geared towards the performance golfer looking to keep the ball flighted down with low spin. Continuing with our iconic “Tour Spec white” paint, ATMOS is a true tour flighted line of shafts with a simple color coding – red as the higher launching, blue as mid launch, black as the lowest launch – similarities include keeping the handle flexes the same for feel, but adjusting mid and tip sections for launch and spin to achieve your desired ball flight.

ATMOS Tour Spec is the culmination of key learnings from more than two decades of tour-driven products. The development of ATMOS Tour Spec was an extensive process by which critical player feedback and fitting needs were at the forefront. Recognizing that Tour professionals need to keep the ball flighted down with low spin and that these players have a variety of different swing types and clubhead combinations, it was essential to engineer a variety of options to optimize performance.

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ATMOS Tour Spec Technologies

  • HIT
  • CAGE
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
  • 40 TON Carbon Fiber
  • Phantium Finish

ATMOS Tour Spec Tester Reviews

The 10 testers have their ATMOS Tour Specs and testing has begun.

We’re hearing feedback like “…the feel of the shaft seems to offer a level of forgiveness over the HZRDUS Black due to the fact you don’t need but a fraction of the effort to load the shaft” (@Homerun2Birdie)


ATMOS Tour Spec on GolfWRX.comATMOS Tour Spec Red

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ATMOS Tour Spec Technical Specs

modelflexlengthweighttip flexbutt flextorquepar. tipbutt diabend ptspinlaunch
6 REDS4667110853.52.5.605M/LMM/H
6 REDX4669103793.52.5.605M/LMM/H
7 REDS4674103773.32.5.605M/LMM/H
7 REDX467699733.32.5.605M/LMM/H
8 REDS468495673.12.5.605M/LMM/H
8 REDX468692643.12.5.605M/LMM/H
6 BLUES4664103853.52.5.610MMM
6 BLUEX466599793.52.5.610MMM
7 BLUES467495783.12.5.615MMM
7 BLUEX467789723.12.5.615MMM
8 BLUES468390682.92.5.615MMM
8 BLUEX468587652.92.5.615MMM
6 BLACKS466587803.42.5.605M/HLL
6 BLACKX466983743.42.5.610HLL
7 BLACKS467483743.02.5.610HLL
7 BLACKX467682693.02.5.615HLL
8 BLACKTS468481682.72.5.615HLL
8 BLACKTX468579642.72.5.615HLL