Shaft Performance Characteristics

NEW for 2018, we’re excited to introduce the higher launching and softer profile ATMOS. The ATMOS has a similar design profile to the Tour Spec version, but is geared towards fitting a wider spectrum of golfers. The ATMOS has a consistent, smooth feel and is the red launch profile to signify the higher flight and spin and the blue profile for mid launch and spin performance.

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ATMOS Technologies

  • CAGE
  • 30 Ton Carbon Fiber
  • Phantium Finish
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content

ATMOS Technical Specs

modelflexlengthweighttip flexbutt flextorquepar. tipbutt diabend ptspinlaunch
RED 5R24657136945.13.0.620LMM/H
RED 5R4655128895.13.0.620LMM/H
RED 5S4655120845.03.0.620M/LMM/H
RED 6R24665136945.13.0.620LMM/H
RED 6R4665128895.03.0.620M/LMM/H
RED 6S4665120845.03.0.620M/LMM/H

modelflexlengthweighttip flexbutt flextorquepar. tipbutt diabend ptspinlaunch
BLUE 5R246551301015.03.0.610LMM
BLUE 5R4655120934.93.0.610LMM
BLUE 5S4655110864.63.0.610M/LMM
BLUE 6R246651301005.03.0.610LMM
BLUE 6R4665120924.83.0.610M/LMM
BLUE 6S4665110874.53.0.610M/LMM
BLUE 7R4675117894.63.0.610MMM
BLUE 7S4675106834.43.0.610MMM
BLUE 7X467597774.23.0.610MMM