Fujikura Stands with Our Veterans & Folds of Honor

ATMOS Tour Spec “Patriot Edition” – NOW AVAILABLE


Due to the success of our U.S. Open Limited Edition, we’re proud to introduce a new profile of the ATMOS Tour Spec with proceeds from the sale of this shaft going towards Folds of Honor scholarships. The Patriot Edition is based on the Black launch profile, but has slightly softer tip flex for more feel of the club head and slight increase in launch.

PRO “Patriot Edition”


The PRO Patriot Edition is an optional design for those fit into PRO line of shafts. It is a full time offering (not limited) available through any of our charter dealers. Designed for the golfer seeking feel in the handle section with the stability and control of a stiffer tip, the 2017 PRO Patriot Edition offers a legendary Fujikura profile guaranteed to promote straighter and more consistent shots.




Note: Proceeds from the sale of both PRO Patriot Edition and ATMOS Tour Spec U.S. Open Limited Edition will benefit The Folds of Honor Foundation and be distributed to qualifying families in the form of scholarships.

photo: At right, Fujikura Composites America President and COO, Dave Schnider, presents the annual dontation to The Folds of Honor representatives  at 2017 PGA Show in Orlando.

About the  Folds of Honor Foundation

As a company our core commitment is not only to our brand, but also to our customers, Charter Dealers, tour players, and to worthy causes that truly make a difference. Folds of Honor is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization that provides educational scholarships to families of military men and women who have fallen or been disabled while on active duty in the United States armed forces. At Fujikura, we’re proud to partner with Folds of Honor and donate each year to support their mission and honor the sacrifice of military families across the country. To learn more about Folds of Honor visit: www.foldsofhonor.com

2017 Presentation to Folds of Honor

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Fujikura Folds of Honor Program

2017 ATMOS Tour Spec Patriot Edition

  • NEW PROFILE: Based on Black Launch profile with slightly softer Tip section for better clubhead feel and slight launch increase
  • Featuring HIT, CAGE, and Maximum Carbon Technology
  • 40Ton Carbon Fiber

PRO “Patriot Edition”

  • Limited Edition Folds of Honor red, white, and blue graphics
  • High Inertia TIP (HIT)
  • CAGE Technology
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
  • 40Ton Carbon Fiber

ATMOS Tour Spec “Patriot Edition” Technical Specs

modelflexlengthweighttip flexbutt flextorquepar. tipbutt diabend ptspinlaunch
PATRIOT 5R46561051063.72.5.600MM/LM/L
PATRIOT 5S4658100983.62.5.605MM/LM/L
PATRIOT 5X465995883.62.5.605M/HM/LM/L
PATRIOT 6R4664105903.32.5.605M/HLM/L
PATRIOT 6S466695823.32.5.610M/HLM/L
PATRIOT 6X466890763.32.5.610M/HLM/L
PATRIOT 7S467690733.12.5.610M/HLM/L
PATRIOT 7X467885693.12.5.610M/HLM/L

Folds of Honor PRO “Patriot Edition” Technical Specs

modelflexlengthweighttip flexbutt flextorquetip diapar. tipbutt diabend ptspinlaunch
PRO 53R246561301054.1.3352.5.600mlm
PRO 53R46561201004.1.3352.5.600mlm
PRO 53S4657110954.1.3352.5.600mlm
PRO 63R24663120984.0.3352.5.610mlm
PRO 63R4664112924.0.3352.5.610mlm
PRO 63S4666104873.9.3352.5.610mlm
PRO 63X466795823.8.3352.5.610mlm