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How Shafts are Manufactured

After selecting the materials that best compliment the shaft’s design, we move to selecting or designing the correct tooling. The “tool” used in creating a graphite shaft known as a mandrel. Mandrels are steel, cylindrical rods around which composite materials are wrapped and cured to

Materials Used in Graphite Shafts

Once our three fundamental questions and performance attributes have been outlined, we then strategically select the materials needed for the product. Graphite shafts are made with advanced composite materials known as CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics). We utilize products with MCFC (maximum carbon fiber content)

Shaft Design & enso® Analytics

Developing the world’s best performing golf shafts starts with understanding what golfers need. This initial step in shaft design begins the ideation process for our engineering and design teams to understand and outline performance needs and target player benefits. enso® Created by Fujikura in 2013

Introduction to Fujikura Composite Shafts

Fujikura began its production of graphite golf shafts in 1974. Since that time, there have been significant advancements and changes in graphite shaft design and development. Types of materials used, material integration, measurement, and overall design concepts have all evolved significantly over the years, continually