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Perform like the Pros: Discover the Shafts Chosen by the Champion’s on Tour

The most successful wood shaft profile on Tour in recent history, Fujikura continues to improve with the introduction of VENTUS Blue and the ground-breaking VeloCore+ technology.

#1 Most Trusted Wood Shaft on the PGA Tour 
Trusted by some of the world’s best players, Fujikura shafts consistently deliver superior performance, precision, and control, helping golfers achieve their maximum potential on Tour. With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of shaft technology, Fujikura continues to set the standard for excellence in golf shaft design.

Since its introduction in 2018, VENTUS has made an indelible mark on the professional golf circuit, solidifying its status as a game-changer in the industry. The VENTUS shaft line has been embraced by elite players worldwide for its exceptional performance and consistency under pressure. From Major championships to regular tour events, VENTUS shafts have been instrumental in delivering countless victories and record-breaking performances on the most prestigious stages in golf.

In 2023, Fujikura was the #1 Driver, Wood and Hybrid shaft on the PGA Tour. Half of all the tournaments played have been won by a player using a Fujikura driver and/or wood shaft. Out of 44 events, 22 winners chose Fujikura during this wraparound season. With multiple wins in five countries and 12 different States, Fujikura shafts have continued their previous season success with notable victories in many flagship events like The Open, The Players Championship, WGC Dell Technologies Match Play and Tour Championship.

From the start of the season, there were over 5,400+ uses of a Fujikura driver or wood shaft on the PGA Tour. In total, over 36.5% of all driver shafts used during the 2023 season were a Fujikura driver shaft, an overall increase of over 3.5% from the previous year. 31.5% of all wood shafts used during the season were also a Fujikura shaft. On the DP World Tour, there were more than 24 wins from a player using a Fujikura driver or wood shaft, this includes 20 different Tour players at events in 17 countries around the world.

Out of the five Rolex Series events on the DP World Tour that year, four of these tournaments were won by a player using Fujikura driver and wood shaft. Two of these victories came from the 5-time Race to Dubai champion, who trusted in a variety of Fujikura driver and wood shaft combinations throughout the year.

Fujikura has begun the 2024 season in a similar fashion, with #1 Driver, Wood and Hybrid finishes along with the first Major victory of the season in Augusta, Georgia.

The Ultimate Consistency Upgrade: Fujikura Introduces a NEW VENTUS for 2024

Featuring an enhanced technology platform combined with advanced design techniques, the new VENTUS is the ultimate evolution to one of the best performing shafts in Fujikura’s history.

Following the unrivalled Tour success that began with VENTUS in 2018, the 2024 VENTUS is a mid-launch/low spin wood shaft that has been re-engineered with updated materials and technology for improved feel, consistency and speed for all golfers.

VENTUS has been known as the most stable and consistent wood shaft in golf since its introduction, and this new VENTUS builds on that performance foundation.

VELOCORE+ is the next generation of Fujikura’s ground-breaking proprietary technology. The technology promotes consistent center-face contact, tightening dispersion and increasing control. Fujikura’s team of engineers have continued to innovate and developed an enhanced technology for the new 2024 VENTUS, VELOCORE+.

Featuring a re-engineered multi-material bias core, VELOCORE+ enhances the feel and performance of VENTUS with an additional premium bias core material, promoting even tighter dispersion and increased ball speeds.

 “With this iteration, we set out to improve the original model by incorporating the new material and technology advancements we’ve pioneered over the last 6 years. In player testing we achieved our target launch and spin numbers consistent with the original VENTUS Blue, but increased ball speeds and tightened dispersion, giving players enhanced performance in the areas that matter most. More speed, more distance and improved accuracy.” says Spencer Reynolds, Fujikura Product and Brand Manager.

This revolutionary technology has been meticulously tested and validated by Fujikura’s team of engineers and tour professionals, confirming its ability to unlock new levels of performance and consistency on the course. With VeloCore+, Fujikura continues to lead the way in the industry for shaft innovation, empowering golfers to achieve their ultimate potential and elevate their game to new heights.

Tried and tested by golfers around the world, the results for 2024 VENTUS and VeloCore+ technology speaks for itself, check out more first impressions and feedback here:

The all-new VENTUS will be available at retail from February 29, 2024 through authorized Fujikura Charter Dealers and select OEM custom programs.